Spring Essentials at Sujet de Vert

The weather is lovely here at Sujet de Vert HQ.  It changed so quickly we almost didn’t have time to prep.  When I say prep I mean skincare prep.  I’ve selected a few products that I think will help out during the at least next two sunny days in London.

Cime Magnificent Mandarine Body Scrub and Bath Salt

This is a new addition to the shop.  It’s one of our largest items and I’m super impressed with the size.  450g!  There’s a lot of product, which is just what you want.  Often times body products come in small sizes but it stands to reason they should be a lot larger than face products.  So, the size is a huge plus.  I love that Magnificent Mandarin is a dual purpose product.  You can use this product passively by adding it to your bath or actively use it as a scrub.  Pink Himalayan salt and essential oils are your best friend this spring!

Living Naturally Organic Deodorant Cream

Deodorant is an essential but that doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious or any old deodorant will do.  I’ve been using cream deodorants for over a year.  It takes a little more time than just spraying but I like the texture and how comfortable the cream feels.  There’s definitely no drying out and it actually keeps the underarm skin in tip top condition.  Living Naturally’s Deodorant comes in two blends:

Citrus & Ylang

Rose & Lavender

Terre Verdi FranChouliPom Body Oil

This oil is pure luxury.  99% organic and includes frankincense and patchouli.  I am a believer in good presentation and packaging.  Terre Verde tick all the boxes.  I like the size and feel of the bottles for the travel products.  Travel sizes are great, not just for holiday.  I have travel sizes to take to work.  If you find your skin is drying out by lunchtime, pop a small bottle of this beauty into your bag and top up.  You might also need a rosewater balancing mist during the day.  Terre Verdi can help with this.  They offer a cute balancing mist in a travel size which may come in handy if skin feels dehydrated during the day.

Safeas Organic Beauty Argan Oil

Safeas is my newest brand to Sujet de Vert.  This brand comes from Germany and they have a lovely range.  I couldn’t resist stocking their Argan Oil which is 100% organic.  I really like the presentation of the product and the stark yellow oil makes it look more appealing.  They have an extensive range and Sujet de vert has a select collection.  If there’s anything else from the brand you think we should stock let us know!

Sujet de Vert was founded in November 2015.  I’m having such a good time with the shop and all its activities.  I did miss blogging so this site is more for my therapy!