New In at Sujet de Vert Marylebone

It’s always nice to get new products in, especially products I’ve tried and loved.  My small but carefully curated selection of green beauty products at Sujet de Vert are products I love to use.

This week we received a lot of new products from Lyonsleaf.  I’m addicted to some already.  Problem skin seems to love Lyonsleaf and I’m especially grateful to Vicky, Lyonsleaf founder, for making products that have provided such relief for itchy and sensitive skin.

First off, there is the new Lyonsleaf Natural Soap.  We stock two types, calendula and calendula, manuka and goats milk.  These are lovely moisturising soaps that soothe dry skin.


There are also two new creams.  Lyonsleaf Mothers Marshmallow & Calendula Cream and Calendula and Zinc Cream.  The mothers cream is for everyone really.  I’ve been using it on several dry patches and it has provided some serious relief.  It’s super moisturising, which is just what my skin needed.

Also new in are the facial oils by Lyonsleaf – Marshmallow Soften and Rejuvenate in scented and unscented versions.  I do like the scented version.  I’ve noticed a brightening effect with this oil and it’s a non-greasy texture so it can be worn under makeup.

Another favourite of mine is Hairy Jayne Hair Perfume with Heat Protection.  This is brilliant for use before flat ironing and blow drying hair.   Frizz is reduced and hair is left soft and sleek.  It can also be used to refresh hair between washes.  It’s available in 50 and 100ml sizes.

NUI Cosmetics Cheek Blushes have also arrived.  They are available in four shades:

Karamere, Pititi, Tiakarete, Mawhero

These cream blushes are 90% vegan, gluten free and 90% organic.

As always we offer free hand delivery in London W1.